From the pandemic of the new coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, people started to stay longer in their homes, due to measures of social isolation and distance.

With that, they started to have more free time, since they cannot socialize outside the home. Among so many options to deal with during the quarantine, we have Ted Talks, a series of short lectures with innovative ideas and stories to be inspired.

Continue reading and see a list of some coffee Ted Talks that we have prepared for you to watch in the quarantine.

What are Ted Talks?

The acronym TED is used for Technology, Entertainment and Design, it consists of a conference model created in California, still in 1984, with the objective of presenting innovative ideas from conversations “talks”, whose meaning in Portuguese are “conversations”.

Since its creation, Ted Talks have been developed as short lectures, with 15 minutes, to talk about a certain topic, in order to disseminate inspiring ideas.

Coffee Ted Talks

The attractive lectures also present the universe of coffee. There are different approaches on the theme, from more technical discussions such as preparation methods, variety, flavors to more subjective issues such as human relations!

Below you can check out five tips we have prepared from Ted Talks from cafes that can be seen in the quarantine (outside of it too) to get inspired by the theme and dive into the subject!

1. The Future of Coffee – Art, Technology and Sustainability | Jim Townley

Recorded in the city of Victoria, Canada, the Ted Talk “The Future of Coffee” – presents the changes in consumption of specialty coffee in the country and how people started to value quality more and how this trend has been gaining more fans.

Jim Townley goes further and discusses the modernization of the coffee industry, mainly linked to the roasts he has been working with for 13 years. He was responsible for developing an efficient and sustainable equipment, based on an entrepreneurial vision and brought this innovation to the market.

2. What did 100 cafes teach me about human connections? | Chris Hope

Chris Hope’s video presented at the University of Melbourne – Australia, talks about his personal trajectory when deciding to start a project to meet 100 people. The work was done over 100 weeks sharing coffees with each of them.

The goal is to present a more human side of coffee, as a way of connecting people, going beyond the simple act of consuming the drink.

3. Everything you need to know about coffee | Chandler Graf

In the Chandler Graf presentation, the speaker makes his video with content aimed at coffee lovers. He explains quickly, however efficiently about the entire coffee production and preparation process. All this to educate people who are starting in the area.

The goal is for the public to come to understand better about the coffee they buy, and to enjoy it in the best possible way. For this, Chandler, who is a biochemist and barista, brings scientific elements that enrich the discussion.

4. The culinary art of coffee | David Schomer

In David Schomer’s intriguing lecture, we understand his journey with coffee that began in childhood when he first smelled the incredible aroma of ground beans. Then, Schomer explains how his saga went to try to get the most out of the aromatic essence of coffee in espresso.

For being a detail and scientist, David was responsible for developing an electronic temperature control for the espresso machines. The idea allowed the evolution of this type of preparation and the equipment available on the market.

5. How coffee transformed my life | Brad Butler

Brad Butler’s talk presents how he left his successful career in real estate to devote his time to something he was passionate about. In the middle of a trip to Panama with his cousins, he discovered his love for coffee.

After the discovery, he returned to the United States and decided to start a small business of roasting and marketing coffee distributed on a bicycle. Brad made his toast in a popcorn shop, and currently manages to supply fresh coffee to about 250 local companies (all by bike!).


The Ted Talks of coffees emerge as an inspiration tool in the middle of quarantine, approaching different points of view of the speakers with their most different experiences with coffee. The contents vary from technical to motivational subjects.

Short videos like these enrich learning, by sharing stories of overcoming and entrepreneurship. It is not just about the coffee itself, but all the life paths that involve and connect through a common element.

Want to know more stories of people in love with coffee? Check out the lectures on the TEDx Talks channel on YouTube.

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Article written in Brazilian Portuguese and translated automatically into English.
Please disregard possible mistakes.